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About DevHoot

Online learning space for software developers to learn and get a job

The background

A new wave came in the education industry with e-learning really becoming a thing. Everyone said it’s going to be the next big thing.

Probably the best method to actually make learning happen

E-learning was widely adopted to teach software development. Several websites offering online courses came into existence.

However, everyone remained too narrow in their approach to utilize e-learning solutions for teaching software development. The only solution that many still are limited to is video-based screencasts or text-based guides. It seems these are the only learning solutions people can imagine with e-learning.

The problem

However, soon it became obvious that even with text-based guides and video-based screencasts, learning doesn’t actually happen.

Take the example of Udemy, which hosts so may online courses, yet it’s far from solving the learning issue. Even highly premium offering like Udacity fails at making learning happen.

The research

This is what DevHoot is trying to solve. To build an online space where people can learn software development. Space where learning can actually happen.

Imran, Founder of DevHoot spent two years trying to figure out the pain points in existing e-learning solutions. He wanted to know for himself what problems people face and try to identify a way of making learning happen. That’s when DevHoot was born as a side project. Imran started DevHoot as a text/video-based learning solution like all others in this space. The motive was to learn why these methods are still ineffective and to try to identify better learning solutions.

Over past one year, DevHoot has had several thousand learners visiting to learn about several kinds of topics. Imran gained many valuable insights through the current DevHoot platform.

The lesson Imran learned is that one learning method can not teach every topic. Even one learning solution cannot teach even a single topic.

The solution

The next version of DevHoot is currently under construction by Imran. Below are a few highlights of what to expect.

Every topic will have a customized set of learning solutions which includes gamification. The syllabus for a topic will first be identified and then the best set of learning solutions for it will be figured out and then finally built.

What are the learning solutions?

These learning solutions totally depend on the topic. They will be so customized, so unique and so unorthodox which we can’t even imagine unless we actually build them.

Moreover, the motivation of learning software development is to get a job. DevHoot will have a complete solution to help learners get a job and also to help companies get better employees.

We are doing some really exciting work. If you want to be in the loop, keep an eye out on us.

If you want to get involved you can reach out through our mailbox or directly mail Imran.