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Intro Python

Python's main aim was to make a language with an easier syntax

Python :snake: is a dynamically typed, interpreted programming language. Python is a very high level language. It’s also a general purpose language which can be used in a wide variety of domians.

Note: It was first made by Guido van Rossum in 1991 and later developed by the Python Software Foundation

Python’s main aim was to make a language with an easier syntax. Also to achieve the same results as other programming languages with fewer lines of code.

If you have programmed before in other languages, trust me you’ll be baffled to see how much fewer lines of code in python can get the work done.

Some wise man once said, there’s always a one-line that exists in python for every darn problem. The name of the wise man starts with I and ends with N with RAN in between (Hint: Me).

Use cases of python

  • Web Development
  • Machine learning
  • Data Analysis
  • Scripting
  • Scraping
  • Game development
  • Embedded applications
  • Desktop applications <!–



Setting up python on a local machine might not sound good to you. No Problem! we have in browser python interpreter with which you can run python code just by hitting the green play button. Try it out below :point_down:

Play with the code as much as you like. Real learning happens when you write code yourself. And more learning happens when you hack around with other people’s code. And trust me we are happy with you hacking our code :wink:

Note: from now onwards just hit the play button to run any code snippet!

Now that you know about the work flow let’s get started! :snake: :snake: