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Lets Learn Nodejs Together Part1

We'll study nodejs together bit by bit.Pinky Promise!


Our Aim


Apparently you are tired 😓 of reading through all the tutorials 📕 out there or watching all the courses 🎥 which try to teach you by assuming you know a lot of stuff beforehand.

The problem arises by the fact that these sources don’t teach from a student’s perspective rather they teach from the teacher’s perspective which is already well versed with the content and knowledge. 🧐

The aim of this series is to not teach you like a student but like my personal study buddy. 🙌

Oh you ask why?


Well, there are a lot of nitty-gritties involved with the learning process, not with just nodejs but with literally anything. And many a times only those who study with us relate to the problems we face and in many cases help to solve those problems.

So we’ll study together, get stuck together and solve all the bugs together!!!!


How exactly we’ll acheive this?

So here’s how this will work. At the end of every leasson I’ll tell you what we’ll learn next and accordingly provide resources that we’ll both be learning from. Then after I study from these resources, I’ll post a new part in this series about what I learnt by describing all the concepts so you can compare, refresh, revise and conclude your learnings as well. 👌

We’ll continue this approach untill we achieve a level of comfort 😎 with nodejs. Then we’ll see how we should take it forward from there.

The comments section are always open. You can comment whether you learned something more than me, this way I’ll get to learn from you. You may ask your doubts, point me to other examples or simply express whether this is helping you or not. ✔

Not your cup of tea??


Ok so you might not want to learn yourself. Maybe you are the kind of learner who’s more suited to other’s teaching. No problem, you can navigate ahead and learn from what I learn without studying yourself. Afterall I want this series to be as inclusive as possible and so I’ll try to post my learnings in a manner that even those can understand who are not parallely studying with me. 😚


Lets Get Started


So first of all we’ll learn about the background of nodejs and try to answer a few questions.

  • What it is?
  • Why was it built?
  • What can be done with it?
  • How to set it up?
  • Can it do magic?

For learning all these things I am gonna use the following resources.

When I’ll finish with them, I’ll post another part in this series teaching my learnings from this part.

Note: Next part under construction. I’ll post it’s link here once it’s done.

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